Caspian Tern: A Rare Birdathon Sighting!

See the tern in the above photo that looks even bigger than a gull?  As it turns out, he is bigger than some gulls.  That is a Caspian Tern.  The sighting of a Caspian Tern was one of the the most notable observations of this years Birdathon.

Caspian Terns are very large birds; the largest of the tern species.  They have thick, heavy orange bills with black tips, black wingtips, white undersides, short tail, and black legs and feet.

It is very exciting to have captured photos of TWO very rare species seen during Birdathon 2010 (Marbled Godwit and Caspian Tern).  Unfortunately, our team didn't get credit for seeing Caspian Tern.  We didn't actually "see" a Caspian Tern during birdathon.  I only noticed them when looking at Tom's photos days later.  Luckily, there was one other sighting at Duxbury Beach (which is adjacent to where we were birding).  Can you find two Caspian Terns in the group above?

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