Scary Night Visitor

possum night
I've long suspected that I write this blog for my own benefit rather than anyone else's. Since I haven't had time to think about anything but my mom's situation for weeks, I've neglected my photography and my blog, which has had a negative effect on me.  I realize that I have to spend some time on what make my life meaningful pretty soon, or I'm going to lose it.  (That won't help Mom's situation at all.  If I blow, things go downhill fast.  I know this from personal experience!)  Starting now, I've vowed to at least spend a few moments each day taking pictures outdoors.  I'm also going to ease back into regular blogging by completing some unfinished posts, etc.  Maybe it will help my sanity and improve my concentration.

These pictures were taken in early November by my husband.  He used the Sony H50's 'night-shot' option. Personally, I am not a fan of Opossums. To me, they resemble massive rats. In the above picture, however, the possum looks cute.

possum night 3
Here he is not so cute. The tail (shudder) is not cute even in the most flattering image.

possum night 2
The night-shot images are fuzzy and impossible to clean up, but this photo would reveal his MASSIVE and SHARP teeth if it weren't so noisy.

possum night 4
Here's a baleful stare! The opossums I've seen are completely unafraid of humans. I have looked up and seen them on the deck, peering through the door at us. Knocking on the glass and yelling has no effect whatsoever. I'm more afraid then they are!

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  1. ...he is cute in the first photo and crotchety in the photo where he's baring that canine--yikes! It made me chuckle, like he's being a fierce little critter. ...I'm glad you have photography to help you heal. I remember how hard it was for my mom and dad during both of my grandmother's illnesses. My dad would play the guitar for grandma, and that made her and him feel better.


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