Might makes Right!

bb plover w worm sony copy
Humans are not the only species that steal.  We are not the only bullies on the planet, either.  The natural world is neither idyllic nor peaceful.   Check out this little scenario for an example of the Might makes Right philosophy.  The Black-bellied Plover has a worm bigger than he is!  But catching a worm may not translate into eating a worm in the avian world.

bb plover fishing sony copy
The plover has to work very hard just to get enough to eat.  The competition for food is fierce.

bb plover fishing catching worm sony copy
Getting a fat, juicy worm (or whatever) will keep him going for another day.

bb plover attack copy
But the bullies are never far away on the beach. They steal from everyone; including each other. You have to use it or lose it! Eat it or beat it! It is a bird-eat-bird world at the shore; just as it is everywhere on earth.


  1. Good series - and yes, it is easier to steal than do the work - survival! Happy holidays!

  2. Susan, terrific action sequence! Happy holidays and happy birding in the New year!


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