Great Egrets on Cape Cod

Great Egrets are stunningly beautiful and graceful, birds.

Great Egrets are over three feet tall. They are smaller and more delicate in appearance than Great Blue Herons. In my opinion, however, Great Egrets look as regal as Great Blues. I would even go so far as to say that Great Egrets appear even more dignified than their colorful cousins!

It is more than possible, given the time of year, that these three birds parading across the marsh are a family group.

Great Egrets have snowy plumes during the breeding season. These plumes were popular decorations on lady's hats during the 1800s. Of course, you have to kill the bird to get it's tail-feathers, and hunting them for their plumes resulted in near extinction for the species.

This Egret seemed to be blowing bubbles. I don't know if such behavior has a purpose, but I think he was just playing in the water -

- especially since he turned around and spit the water out like an avian water fountain!

Most large birds find it tough to get airborne at times, but all the Great Egrets I've ever seen took off as though they were lighter than air.

We almost thought we saw a two-headed bird when we first saw these two. Thank goodness we were wrong!


  1. I never tire of the egrets - and never tire of adding to the archive of photos - beautiful and graceful birds. They were too distant yesterday in CT to really appreciate. Thanks for post.

  2. Thank you, Chris - I appreciate the appreciation!


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