Turkey in the hood!

This handsome fellow was strolling across the street in front of my house yesterday.  Pretty cute, huh?

He has a rather intriguing looking face, wouldn't you say?

I was sitting near the window with Socrates when I noticed him walking between the fences.  Luckily I had my camera in hand, and managed to snap off a few shots.

I never noticed how beautiful their feathers were before.  They almost look metallic in this light.  The pattern is pretty amazing, too.

Seeing Wild Turkeys in your yard is one of the joys of living near the Hultmann Aqueduct!


  1. Great shot! Well captured, Susan. I have often wondered why turkeys have such a naked head. With vultures it's obvious because they stick their heads into some pretty messy places, and afterwards wipe them clean on grass. But why turkeys too?

    1. That's funny, Hilke - I was wondering about that myself just this afternoon. I'll have to investigate that when I get back. Hope you're feeling better!


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