The Nature of Framingham . . . in Africa?

Zambia.  Sometimes known as The Heart of Africa, or The Real Africa. Both are true.  This landlocked nation is indeed in the heart of Africa - some will go so far as to say it is shaped like a heart, in fact!  My son, Pete, has been living in Zambia for over a year.  He is a Peace Corps volunteer - and he LOVES Zambia!

These are some of the kids that Pete has come to know and love in Zambia.  What I would never have predicted a year ago was that we would be seeing Zambia for ourselves very soon.  But it's true: WE ARE GOING TO AFRICA!!

I'll skip over the real and imagined fears that I had to overcome before I would consider visiting Africa.  Pete's joyous raves about everything Zambian went a long way towards calming some of my fears.  His obvious love for the people and the country made it hard to resist.

Over time I realized that Africa was calling me, too.  Africa is the birthplace of all humanity, and I find myself longing to go back home.  For many people, such a sentiment will sound insane coming from the child of Irish immigrants long settled in the USA.  But being adopted has always denied me a place in this world.  I have always wanted roots; ancestors; a family of my own.  And if you go back far enough in time, everyone's ancestors can be found in Africa - including mine!

And oh - the wonders we'll see in Zambia!  Victoria Falls; one of the Seven Wonders of the World!

We'll be staying right next to the falls for a few days!  I've circled the Zambezi Sun Hotel, and we will be right there!

I haven't forgotten my passion for birding, of course!  I hope to see an African Fish Eagle while I'm there.  Look familiar?

I hope t post a lot more about our trip plans and about the magic of Zambia, Africa.  It may seem far from Framingham, but The Nature of Framingham is everywhere!


  1. Wow Sue!!!!! This is awesome! Good Luck to you and you family! :)


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