Plenty of Piping Plovers!

piping_plover four birdathon 2012
I'm still inconsolably bummed by the loss of a camera and lens that I can't afford to replace, but there's no reason not to share a few Bird-a-thon photos!  I have tons of Piping Plover pictures, for instance.  This one is an unusual view of a Piping Plover, 

piping plover plymouthbeach three 2012
Piping Plover Looking Up

piping_plover two birdathon 2012
Piping Plover Fishing

Piping Plover in a Tire Track


Piping Plover Escaping the Tire Track



  1. thanks for the pictures, I especially like number 1 and 3!

    1. Thank you, Matt. The first one is my favorite, too.


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