California Gulls

I'm not even going to try to identify all the gulls we saw in California.   It took me years to be comfortable with our Massachusetts gulls, and I don't have years to learn all these other ones!

These handsome fellows were everywhere.  I particularly like the eyeliner look.

They look like they're waiting for a bus!

As you can see, there were plenty of gulls everywhere.  My daughter took this photo at a little pond just south of San Francisco.

Meghan also captured this unusual view of a juvenile gull of some sort. She also took the next picture, which is my favorite gull photo of the trip.

I love how she captured the young gull through the tall reeds.  The photo was so interesting that I was inspired to use a few photoshop filters to make it even more 'artisitic'.  It is beginning to seem as if everyone in my family is talented at bird photography!

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