Earth Day 2010

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The Nature of Framingham is a celebration of the amazing variety of birds and wildlife that can be found in an urban setting like Framingham, Massachusetts.

ruddy duck
In 2010 alone, I have seen at least seven bird species that I never knew existed - never mind living in Framingham itself! I saw Common Mergansers, Goldeneyes, Ruddy Ducks, Brown Creepers, Buffleheads, Wood ducks, and a Green Winged Teal this year - and I saw twice as many new-to-me species last year. All these fantastic birds are reason enough for celebration, right?

As happy as I am about the thriving nature of Framingham, I cannot deny that whenever I go birding I am wading through mountains of trash that is disgusting, to put it mildly. Every day I walk through it, and every day I am either sitting on it or surrounded by it. Framingham may be teeming with wildlife and birds, but it is far from a pristine environment.

 The river is polluted and fish from the river or the reservoirs cannot be eaten.  The mercury levels are outrageous, and nothing we do has any effect at all.  The groundwater is contaminated, which means the soil is contaminated, which means everything that grows out of that soil is contaminated to some degree.

How about celebrating Earth Day by making a contribution to Mass Audubon?  Your generosity will allow them to protect the Nature Of Massachusetts.  Even a small donation will be much appreciated, and the need is great.  All you have to so is click here to make a gift that will help save our little corner of the world.  We can't close our eyes to the wreckage, but we can help to undo some of the damage.  Please consider making an Earth Day gift to the planet by giving a little something to the Massachusetts Audubon Society.  No gift is too small to make the world a better place.

Here is the link, and I thank you for giving something back to the future:  http://www.firstgiving.com/susanwrublewski

Happy Earth Day to All!

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