New (to me) Nikon D100 DSLR!

This is one of the very first pictures taken with the Nikon D100. A friend and mentor traded me the camera for what was left of my Santa collection. Pretty great camera, don't you think!

This is a crop of the picture above. Can you see the ladybug? The D100 may be 7-year-old DLSR technology, but the detail and colors are outstanding; far better than my brand Sony super-zoom could ever be! (Thanks, Terry!)

An ever tighter zoom seems to indicate the ladybug is dead. (Try viewing large size on Flickr) The legs are hanging off the petal. On the other hand, it may be sleeping.

golden digger wasp day 6A
The killer wasp pictures last week were taken with the D100. Five days later, she's still at it! A different hole, a new katydid, but the same ritual.

golden digger wasp day 6
He's going down! No underground buzzing this time, though.

young cardinal
This young cardinal was shot on day one. Believe it or not, the color is accurate!

young cardinal feeder
Yet another motley cardinal five days later.

young cardinal 8 3 2009
Peeking out from the branches of the Eastern Red Cedar again.

A very curious grackle was around all day.

grackle sparrow
Sharing the feeder with a sparrow; but what are they looking at?

grackle birdbath
He seems intrigued by the bird bath.

grackle birdbath II
And decides it is safe to quench his thirst.

I was too far away for a good shot, but I did manage to get a dozen pictures of a Turkey Vulture flying over my back yard. Capturing a bird in flight is an accomplishment for me, blurry or not!


  1. the D100 is the first DSLR that i ever used and on that day., i was prayin and dreamin of having one someday. I really love the images it produces. its so sharp and the colors are so vivid. i like it.

  2. I love the camera, but it will be years before I master it!


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