Mother Goose, Live on the Sudbury River!

mother goose sudbury river
I took about 1000 pictures of what I thought was a rare white goose, until she got close enough for me to recognize. Who could mistake the world famous Mother Goose?

canada goose sudbury river
Mother Goose was significantly larger than the two Canada Geese who were escorting her.

mother goose closeup
The domestic goose also came and begged for food, something one rarely sees in wild waterfowl around here.

canada goose framingham
The Canada Geese were begging also, which is also very unusual on the Sudbury River.

goose teeth
The domestic goose has teeth. Perhaps all geese have teeth, but I haven't seen them before!


  1. Well done. Quite a surprise I imagine. Rochester Minn. Silver Lake has a power plant which keep the water warm. Thousands of Giant Canadas winter there. You drive into the parks parking lot and they swarm your car looking for handouts. When they fly out into the surrounding fields where the hunters luk they revert to totally wild!

  2. That must be rather terrifying - being mobbed by thousands of geese!

  3. Great pictures. Really beautiful goose. Do you have any pictures of Mother Goose next to Canadas for comparison?

  4. I'll try to find a photo containing both birds, anonymous.

  5. ....Mother Goose has gorgeous crystalline blue eyes as well. She's such a minx!

  6. "...1000 pictures...of what I thought was a rare..."

    I think we can all relate to that! :)


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