Great Blue Goes Fishing in a Boat!

My husband Tom captured this entrancing series of Great Blue Heron photos from the backyard of our cottage in Pocasset, MA.

The big fellow climbs right onto the edge of the boat.

Evidently, there is something edible inside the little red boat!

 Did he get anything?  I really can't tell!

 In any case, he decides to give up on this particular fishing trip.

He is a spectacular beast, isn't he?  He'd look a great deal more spectacular if the camera settings hadn't been mysteriously reset.  I can't imagine how it could have happened, but nearly every custom setting - including the picture size - had been altered.  All the photos that my husband captured on vacation were taken in the default JPEG normal size; which I NEVER use on any camera.  All the more credit to the photographer for getting such marvelous images with a less than optimum setup, right?