Arizona Birds

This is my first time on the computer in weeks, because I'm still pretty sick from my accidental and idiotic exposure to toxic quantities of metal dust. At this point, metal dust (and glue!) is embedded in every inch of my skin and it feels like slivers of glass. Pieces are coming out my eyes, ears, mouth, and nose, and today I found out my right cornea has been cut yet again! I'm too scared to think about what is in my lungs (which hurt more every day), or what that will do to me.

I am going to the Environmental Health Center at Cambridge Hospital on Thursday. They are experts at exposure to toxins AND inhalation and skin exposures to metal dusts of all kinds.  At least they can tell me how bad it really is, which has to be better than what I've been imagining.

In the meantime, I thought I'd post some pictures taken by my son on his visit to Phoenix, Arizona last October.

arizona gadwall pair
These beautiful ducks are Gadwalls. I've never seen one (at least, I've never seen one clearly or up close), but I think they're lovely.

This is a gorgeous shot of two American Wigeons.

Look at this crazy bird! This is an American Coot, and I can't wait to see one with my own eyes. How cool is he?

arizona says phoebe
My son must have been thrilled with this Says Phoebe, since he took about 50 pictures of it. Personally, I'm a bit underwhelmed.

arizona domestic geese
Just some domestic geese, but I like the coloring of the one on the right.


Suet Snow Series

Suet Snow House Sparrow
I've gained a new appreciation of even the everyday birds I would normally ignore. This is a very handsome looking sparrow, for instance.

Suet Snow Sparrow Face-off
Initially, I didn't know if these two were friends or foes.

Suet Snow Sparrow Battle
A miniature drama unfolded as the two sparrows fought over access to the suet feeder (which they could easily have shared. My Flickr friend and mentor, vidterry, noted that these small sparrows have an abundance of aggression!

Suet Snow Female Sparrow
This female House Sparrow is both delicate and lovely.

Suet Snow Carolina Wren
Of course, a Carolina Wren is definitely NOT an everyday bird I would normally ignore. For me, seeing a Carolina Wren is always a treat. I included it in the series because it fits in with the theme.


I'm back!!!!

dangerous looking valentine
I'm BACK! After three weeks of no camera and no computer, my eye injury is healing and I can put a contact lens in my good eye. I swear I'll never complain about my backyard birds again! Not that this guy is a regular. He's a non breeding starling, and very scary looking - but check out the valentine shaped spots on this bird!

mean valentine bird
Here is a better look at the heart shaped spots. Isn't that incredible?

Carolina wren no 2
Until today, I thought there was only a single Carolina Wren at my feeders. Today I saw two, and I assume it is a pair. They may be living on the ground in the vegetation behind the birdbath.

Carolina wren 1
Here is a burning question: Are there still Carolina Wrens in Carolina?

inquisitive jay
What the hell are you looking at!

You can't imagine how wonderful it felt to be looking through a camera lens again! Welcome back everybody, and let's roll!